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Advertisement Tariff
Effected from 1st April 2014
Advertise in Daily
Mechanical Data
Overall Size of Page 54cms * 34cms
Size of Printed Page 52cms * 33.2cms
Number of Columns 8 (Eight)
Width of Columns 4.1cms
Length of columns 52cms
Number of Pages 8 (Eight)
Paper Used Material Standard Newsprintoffset Material
Accepted Screen 60
Advertisement Rates
Display Ear Panels
Contract 290cms. and above Rs 350.00 per col. cm Contract for 12 months to Rs 35000.00 per insertion
To be Used in One Year Casual Rs 400.00 per col. cm be Take in Period of Six Months Casual Rs 45000.00 per insertion
Special Position Classified
Full Page Rs 95,000.00 All Classification 'Financial' Company Rs 20.00 per word
Front Page 100% Extra Report 'Prospects' Rs 100.00 per col. cm
All Other Specified Position 50% Box Services Charges Rs 75.00
Colour 100% Extra per colour
Internet Addition 200% Extra per colour
All intimations regarding publications or suspections of advertisement must reach the office 3 days before the date of publication.
Management of the Daily Rahe Manzil reserve the right to reject any advertisement to publication without assigning any reason.

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